Equestrian Events for Schools

Equestrian Events for Schools

Hello there,

Below we send you the program contents we have made for schools. If you have the opportunity to get here by shuttle service on weekdays and return to the services again, there will be an activity full of unforgettable horses for the children on that day.

In our school-oriented programs, we come to you with half-day and daily activities with many schools in many parts of Istanbul, plus pony and pony horses for children, schools and shopping centers. This activity is carried out with at least 2 horses, a leader, a leader. We put the children on the floor all over the floor with our pony and ponies on our modular rubbers we have laid once every 4 cm.

Sarıyer Gümüşdere 'on the beach (http://www.atlitur.com/old/sikca-sorulan-sorular.html) Daily program flow in our camp;

Giving information about horses is a workshop that starts interactively with answering questions from children.


-The students will come to the left side of the horse in a single row and find out how they are groomed and scanned practically. Following this, -The riding order will be provided to the horse with the help of the leader of the incoming student. -This contact will take the form of hand-to-mouth from the left side.

- In the meantime, it is time to put your horse on the horse after putting the carrots on the horse.

-The students who will be admitted will begin their horse-riding tour in order to lead the skipper.

-The instructor will tell you their names in order to keep the horse on hold, to stand on the horse and to briefly introduce horse equipments.

- It will mean that the horse should stand in balance for the release in the style of walking as a substitute.

At the same time, the classroom teachers will ensure that the focus of the student's interest is on the subject, ensuring that you are kept quiet and educated.

-The student is ready to start the hunting, with the student at the maximum of safety precautions, as the student is in control of the balance of the student's balance control and safety.

-After the start of the game, fun cultural physics movements will be made to improve balance on the horse, and will be carried around the neck to feel the horse.

Having the knowledge and experience of horses throughout the activity, as well as spending time with the horses is a very useful and fun experience for our children. We want you to know that you are not too far from communicating with the horses and horses with many positive effects on the development of the children, and that you will be pleased to work with you.

This activity at our facility also has a capacity to respond to pancakes or breakfast requests if desired. Breakfast, toast, pancake options are available in our café.

We are happy to serve you.

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